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Character Building Blocks Seminars

Character Building Blocks Seminars
(Ethics, Relationships, Equipping, Attitude & Leadership)

(John C. Maxwell 101 Mini Series Seminars) 

John C. Maxwell says, "There is no such thing as business ethics." He is correct when he says that since there is just ethics, period. In this first of five 4-hour seminars, Dane will be focusing on the tough choices that leaders, followers, and teams must sometimes make in their quest for success. He will not be discussing situational ethics as much as he will be teaching you how to determine what is ethical based on John's Ethics 101 book, and what the Boy Scouts of America have always taught in living a life that is "morally straight." Will you join Dane and take that step towards living an ethically courageous life by following the "golden 

Trust is the "glue" that holds relationships together. In today’s society, everything seems to be focused on the "I" in each one of us. Focusing so much on ourselves many times causes a breakdown in trust between people. When that trust is broken or compromised, everyone’s relationship suffers the consequences. Over the course of 4 hours, you will learn how to focus on building trust in developing the relationships of people around you who matter. John C. Maxwell says that success focuses on adding value to self, whereas significance focuses on adding value to others. Are you ready 
to add value to others first?

We have all heard the word training. We have all been trained in something at some time. We also recognize that training is very important. However, how many of us have never heard of being "equipped?" Dane believes that we should be equipping our workforce and teammates, not just simply training them. Through this four-hour course, Dane will emphasize how equipping yourself and those around you adds so much more depth than just training someone; and in turn offers the chance of greater success in anything a person attempts to accomplish in life. Are you equipped to walk through life tomorrow better than you did today? 
If not, come join Dane as he helps you start your journey toward being better equipped.

Attitude is a "state of mind." It takes discipline and tenacity to keep our minds active with a great attitude. That doesn’t mean happy, or even joyful.... it means that we are constantly taking every thought captive (as the Bible says), and making sure we make a conscious decision about how we should be thinking and acting on events in our lives. Attitude is everything. This seminar will spend four hours exploring how attitude affects everything and everyone around us. Do you need an attitude adjustment in your life? We all do at times. Why not join Dane and his team in making a refreshing adjustment to your attitude?

Success is only possible through some type of effective leadership. Think about it, without a leader we cannot have followers, therefore no team or teamwork is possible either. Dane will explore how he believes the United States is experiencing a real "lack of leadership" epidemic. Many leaders are not coming forward to fulfill their destiny. Are you one of those? Are you afraid to be a leader for one reason or another? Or do you simply need a helpful push out of the nest to get you started? Dane will go "heart-to-heart" with his students during this seminar and equip students with a better understanding of what an effective leader is and how to grow into one. Are you ready for a change of heart as a leader?

Here is a testimonial from a student who attended the Character Building Blocks seminars:

My daily dozen are a part of my life now and I plan on passing that down to my kids and future grandkids. There isn’t a day that goes by that some remembered point doesn’t pop into my head and I get back on track.  I learned to ask myself, “What is the goal in this situation?” That question alone cuts through the garbage and saves a lot of useless words and precious time. There was so much learned this could go on for days, but I’ll never forget what status quo really means and for Pete’s sake, Q-tip! The bottom line is, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. 

 ~Shelly, New Auburn, WI