Leadership Management and Development in Character

"Learning to Lead with Character First"


"Investing in YOU one character at a time!"

Coach Dane

John Maxwell Team and Zig Ziglar

Coach, Speaker & Trainer

The Leadership Management and Development in Character(LMDC) Academy will benefit moms, dads, families, business owners, employees, and just about everyone who may be interested in how Leadership and Character Education might improve their quality of life for themselves, their families and their companies.Many consultants and motivational speakers have never done what they talk about. Come listen to Dane and experience leadership through his storytelling and personal mentoring. In a very personal environment, come study leadership and character education with someone who has both done it and lived it. He "walks the talk". Authentic and genuine is his coaching style - "straight from the heart."

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The Leadership Management Development Center does customized seminars too. If you are interested in having your employees learn more about leadership, character building, effective selling, motivation, success and more, then give Coach Dane a call at 715-953-4844.

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